Trade your apartment for 413 Cascades in Cape Town

30 April, 2012 - 15:45

We are Scott and Sam. Here are a pair of caricatures of us.

Scott and Sam / hadsie and smath. Thanks for the caricatures, Nadine and Cathy and Kep <3
But in real life, Scott looks way less dorky and I look like way less slutty.

About Us

We're a pair of Drupal software developer / designers and we are interested in trading homes with you. Scott is from Vancouver in Canada and I'm from Johannesburg in South Africa. Like the good nerds that we are we met at a software conference in Barcelona, a halfway point between our regular lives, and fell in love. Now we have a home in Cape Town, South Africa, and try to split our time equally between Canada and South Africa spending time with our loved ones. One of our favourite things ever is travel and since being together in 2008 there has not been a period of longer than 2.5 months that we've remained in the same place and we squeeze in whatever trips and adventuring we can along the way.

For work we're both involved in various freelance projects, and have two of our own startups - Wedful and Hello Pretty. So for this reason its important that we have decent, reliable internet access wherever we stay.

We're just married! It was our wedding here in Cape Town in March. We leave Cape Town on June 5th for our honeymoon to a surprise destination (woo!) and then to visit friends and family in Canada.

We're looking for someone to trade with for 2 weeks in Montreal from June 18th to July 2nd (those dates are fixed for us). The person using our apartment could actually stay in our apartment from the day that we leave - the 5th June - for free.

For the Vancouver portion we're looking for somewhere downtown anytime from July 2nd until around the end of October. If you are interested in trading for a portion of that time instead of the whole time then please let us know because that might work for us too.

If you live somewhere other than Vancouver or Montreal and think you'd like to do a swap with us please let us know! We love visiting new places.

If you'd like to find out more about us you can look at our Facebook profiles (Scott / Sam), Twitter (Scott / Sam) or our websites (Scott - / Sam -

About our apartment

We live on the 4th floor in a building called Cascades, in apartment 413. We're at the end of the row and there is consequently only one neighbour (Josephine), and she is nice and keeps to herself.

There is a 24-hour security guard at our building. If you plan to rent a car, we can arrange a parking spot for you inside the building. But in our opinion you can do nearly all the things that you'd want to without having a car for most or all of your time here.

There's a short term letting service in the building so if you'd like to invite friends over they could rent their own apartment in the same building. We have a big L-shaped couch and a double inflatable mattress and many a friend have crashed on them (sometimes for as long as two weeks!) and you'd be welcome to have friends stay over. It's a studio though so you'll need to be comfortable with them as they'll sleep in the same room as you.

In 413 you will find:

  • A small but very complete kitchen with quite a fancy oven / microwave combo unit, a dishwasher, stove-top Moka coffee maker, 2-plate stove and all the things you will need to cook something amazing. Also in the draw is a full stack of take-out menus if that is more your thing.
  • Wireless internet as well as a printer and desktop computer with Skype installed in case you want to call home.
  • Lots of maps and travel documentation on Cape Town. We love Cape Town and there are tonnes of wonderful things to do here.
  • An amazingly comfortable extra-length queen bed. We're not kidding. It might be the most comfortable bed that you have ever slept in. It is one of the first thing that anyone who stays in the apartment remarks on.
  • A little patio where if you look out to the left you see the ferris wheel at the V&A Waterfront with a splash of ocean behind it, and if look right you'll be looking straight at Signal Hill, the little mountain next to Table Mountain, that we're on the edge of.
  • A washing machine.
  • A fairly large table that you could either set your laptop up and work at (like we do) or use for dining.
  • A little bathroom with a shower and a bath. We have plans to renovate this and will do so if we can before we leave but its possible that there won't be enough time.
  • Loads of international adaptor plugs.
  • A hair dryer.
  • Multiple sets of bed linen and towels.

Please take note that we don't have a TV. We're not TV people. You could watch DVDs on the desktop computer (it has a 19" monitor) if you want to. Also, we don't smoke and we wouldn't be ok with someone smoking in the apartment please.

About Green Point

It is in a vibey, central location in Cape Town. It is 15 minutes to walk downtown, 10 minutes to the V&A Waterfront, and about 10 minutes to walk to the Cape Quarter area. There are loads of fantastic restaurants in the blocks around us (we can give you recommendations), and there are great bars and nightclubs too if that's your thing. Green Point is arguably the top gayborhood in the city and there are a fair few great gay & lesbian clubs, restaurants and bars in walking distance.

We love our apartment so much and perhaps we are biased but we think you will too.