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19 December, 2010 - 21:25
Rock Lobster on Haute Macabre

This week I snuck in a monstrous catch-up of feeds. Popgloss has started featuring stuff (fashion? photography? I am not sure) from a site called Haute Macabre.

From Haute Macabre's About page:
Haute Macabre is dedicated to the grown up goth, bringing you a daily dose of alternative dark fashion with the occasional splash of culture. Haute Macabre caters to your dark side because it wasn't just a phase.

The pictures are intricately and interestingly styled, and really beautiful.


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12 years 33 weeks ago

I agree Samantha, it's a bit of a strange mix of sinister fashion but it's strikingly beautiful at the same time (OK, the lobster is probably something that Lady GaGa would wear so I'm not too keen on that piece!)

It's good to see more niche fashion blogs getting publicity as hopefully it will help to provide more fashion jobs as retailers take note and start launching dedicated brands.

This one is a bit 'Shakespeare's Sister', if you remember the video :) What do you think?

12 years 33 weeks ago

I agree, it IS strikingly beautiful. Even the lobster ;) I love Haute Macabre.

12 years 26 weeks ago

I love this post is so great