Tokyo Holiday (October 06) photos

10 January, 2009 - 17:08

More than two years later and I have finally put the first batch of my photographs from my round-the-world holiday in 2006 online. See them here.

It's been wonderful sorting through them, I am re-living the holiday that I had and what it felt like to be there seeing these all these crazy things, and every day something that was completely new to me.

I had a little oopsie along the way in my sorting process - I deleted my "Sorted and ready to upload Tokyo Pics" folder which contained roughly 50 photographs. I immediately googled for recovery software and found and downloaded something within minutes. I know that the more you move files / use programs after deleting something the slimmer your chance of recovering the data is.

I have mixed feelings about the utility I got: It did find some files, though there were odd results. It "recovered" images from my web browser cache and mixed up the titles of those with titles of my Tokyo photos. Still, it was able to get a couple of things back for which I am grateful, and most excitingly it did this to a previously boring-ish photo I had of some daisies:

This cheered me up a lot.

I will be returning to Tokyo later this year and where I was excited before, after going through my photos I now absolutely cannot wait.

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